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Carnegie Hall - New York Sun
Monday 26 February 2007

Mr. Anderszewski played [Beethoven's Bagatelles Op 126] with all the qualities he needed: boldness, tenderness, grace. His dynamics were apt, and his phrasing was wise. He used a judicious amount of pedal - not too much, not too little. He showed a shrewdness about rhythm (just as Beethoven is shrewd about rhythm). And he conveyed that nobility, that majesty - even a quiet majesty - so typical of the composer.

This was exceedingly mature playing. (...)

A work like [the Diabelli Variations] - not that there are many - requires extraordinary judgment, and this pianist has it. (...) This was a feat of pianism and a feat of musicianship. It was a feat of concentration, too.

I was doubtful there would be an encore after this magnificent marathon, but Mr. Anderszewski obliged us with the Sarabande from Bach's Partita No. 1 in B flat. It was beautifully shaped, with the repeat of each half pleasingly different from what had come before. And it was beautifully embroidered, beautifully ornamented - seldom will you hear ornamentation so fine in Bach.

Photo: © Sheila Rock/Virgin Classics 2007
Source: New York Sun

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