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Carnegie Hall - New York Times
Tuesday 27 February 2007

Beethoven found Diabelli's theme laughable and then wrote 33 variations on it. They are a strange and wonderful adventure. Mr. Anderszewski finds and exploits the deep seriousness and fantastic visions where they exist, but he also acknowledges that there can be majesty in the silly and the trivial, and great beauty in bad jokes.

Karol Szymanowski's three pieces called Metopy, played between the two Beethovens, refer in name to Greek art and myth, but their beauties are hardly classical - neo or otherwise. You hear a man who knew the piano deeply and almost wallowed in its sensual possibilities. The fluttering, trembling textures and floating clouds of sound echo Scriabin. The difficulties are big and usually obvious, but Mr. Anderszewski's extraordinary technique worked hard to take the listener's mind off them.
Source: New York Times

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