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Los Angeles Recital - Los Angeles Times
Monday 20 October 2008

The performance history of Bach on the piano is a back-and-forth business. We go through cycles of interpretive restraint and freedom. Not long ago pianists, needing to get out from under the shadow of Glenn Gould's brilliantly unpredictable Bach, wanted to return to only the notes and the laws of counterpoint as a counterpart to atoms and the laws of physics. Revelation, this school believes, will follow of its own accord.

The pendulum has now swung back to giving Bach a helping hand. Piotr Anderszewski, a slender 39-year-old Polish pianist with a spine-tingling technique, devoted his recital Saturday night at Walt Disney Concert Hall to Bach. He played with pin-prick accuracy. He wasn't unaware of history. But he wasn't unaware either of the Romantic era or the gains and pitfalls of period practice. He knows his Gould, and he knows his own era.

Actually, Anderszewski appears a slight anachronism; his fashion sense is that of a 1960s British rocker, a mop-top Bachian. He exudes romantic cool, showy but unflappable. His tone is incandescent. He enjoys a good surprise, and there were many all evening...

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Source: Los Angeles Times
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