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Chicago Symphony Center - Chicago Sun Times
Tuesday 9 December 2008

There is something deeply comforting about the kind of perfection that Polish-Hungarian pianist Piotr Anderszewski brought to his program of Bach, Janacek and Beethoven on Sunday afternoon in Symphony Center.

Perfection is a relative term when it comes to art, of course. There are myriad but equally valid ways to play a Bach partita or Beethoven sonata, which is why music lovers happily troop off to hear the same piece played by Daniel Barenboim, Alfred Brendel or Pierre-Laurent Aimard. Different artists plumb different facets in a piece of music, and listeners can only benefit from hearing what each one has managed to unearth.

But during the two hours or so that they are onstage, artists like Anderszewski manage to create a universe that seems utterly complete unto itself. There is a sense of inevitability in their performance, a feeling that the true essence of a composer's intentions has been discovered. Especially when our daily lives are battered by forces beyond our control, it is reassuring to spend an afternoon in a world of such richly calibrated balance.

Photo: © Robert Workman/Virgin Classics 2007
Source: Chicago Sun Times
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