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Singapore Recital - The Straits Times
Monday 28 June 2010

Chopin was conspicuously absent from [Anderszewski's] well-balanced programme, in its place, the pervasive spirit of J S Bach.

As always, Anderszewski's Bach is a thing of beauty. The English Suite No 5 brought out all these qualities: mastery of counterpoint, bell-like ringing clarity and rhythmic vitality in its seven movements.

Completely different was Pole Karol Szymanowski's Métopes, three impressionistic visions of Grecian maidens of mythology, fair and foul. [...T]hese were seductive in a hypnotic and oblique manner, abetted by Anderszewski's sensitive, tactile pianism that ranged from fleeting whispers to an orgiastic frenzy. Schumann's Six Canonic Studies (op 56) and Beethoven's penultimate A flat Major Sonata (op 110) completed the picture, music hewn from common inspirations and carved out with the most crystalline of timbres.

Without a harsh sound to be heard, Anderszewski turned sobbing lament in the sonata's 3rd movement aria into a victory of hope and affirmation. It was this human and anti-virtuosic quality that made this recital the most satisfying of all.

Photo: © Robert Workman/Virgin Classics 2007

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