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Turner Sims, Southampton - The Guardian
Wednesday 12 February 2014

Like all his playing, his Schumann has the wonderful knack of sounding utterly fresh and spontaneous, while at the same time conveying the sense that every detail in it is there for a specific musical reason.

The Novellette was flanked by two other composers who are staples of Anderszewski's programmes. He had opened with Bach, the Overture in the French Style BWV831, each movement buoyant and crystal clear, the rhythms athletic, the changes of colour, such as when the music switches to B major for the second Passepied, magical. This huge, almost 40-minute work, seemed to pass in moments. Late Beethoven came after the interval: the six Bagatelles Op 126 seemed to conjure up horizons far wider than their miniaturised dimensions would suggest, while the A flat Sonata Op 110 has long been part of Anderszewski's repertoire. Every time he plays it, his performance seems even more coherent, more perfect; it's an exceptional experience.

Photo: © K. Miura 2007
Source: The Guardian
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